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We get every idea rolling

Our speciality is solutions for our customers' efficient and economical production. This means that they are always one crucial step ahead of the competition.
Which chemicals does the customer work with? Which temperatures does the roll have to withstand and which other physical conditions is it exposed to? At FKM, a small team of experienced and creative staff deals with special tasks given to us by customers or that we set ourselves.

The most exciting challenge is always to design, develop and test totally new coatings and processes in our laboratory and technical centre until they are ready for application. Sometimes even bold ideas become reality. This is what impresses our customers and motivates us.

Through close contact with our customers and a modern and efficient technical centre, we are able to stay one step ahead of our competitors. The results are impressive, particularly for our customers, who always contact FKM again when it comes to special tasks.

Our technical centre offers the following equipment and measuring procedures:

  • Roll test stand to measure wringing performance
  • Roll test stand to measure rolling resistance and load capacity
  • Laboratory textile padder
  • Casting unit for PU test coverings
  • Tensile testing machine
  • Abrasion test equipment
  • Rebound resilience tester
  • Dynamic-mechanical analysis (DMA)
  • Compression set
  • Differential scanning calorimetry (DSC)
  • Titrations (characterisation of PU components)