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    © Paulus/FKM

The unique material

Under the product code of VNP – Viscoelastic Nonwoven Products – FKM produces roll coverings made of nonwoven fabrics for a variety of applications. The nonwoven fabric used here is made of plastic fibres which are entangled to form felt-like sheets and treated with an elastomeric binding material. In order to produce the covering, ring-shaped pieces are punched out of the nonwoven fabric and then pressed in the axial direction and compressed. The resulting blanks are turned and ground.

The coverings are usually manufactured for a chemical environment which is around neutral (pH value 4 to 8). However, there are also nonwoven roll coverings which are made for use in strong acids and alkaline solutions.

A particular advantage of nonwoven roll coverings is the combination of a porous surface and, at the same time, a high resistance to wear and tear. Grooves on strip edges or cuts largely heal themselves. Thanks to its porosity, the surface can absorb liquid well and, particularly on oily strips, can stop aquaplaning. This means that contact with the strip is ensured and the coefficient of friction and wringing performance remain the same.

Our VNP coverings with these properties are used for many different applications. Our nonwoven roll coverings are used in the steel industry and also in other metal industries, such as for the following:

  • Wringer rolls in degreasing lines (cleaning and rinsing parts)
  • Wringer rolls in cooling blocks ("waterquench") on galvanising lines
  • Wringer rolls on roll stands or skin-pass mills
  • Oiling rolls
  • Bridle rolls
  • Deflection rolls
  • Driver and breaking rolls on slitting lines and cut-to-length lines
  • Drive rolls for cut-to-length lines and framing lines
  • Measuring wheels

Nonwoven roll coverings from FKM are also frequently used in pressing plants in the car industry. They are used as wringer rolls for oil in Coil and blank washing machines. There often has to be a low amount of residue oil and an even oil film, often across widths of more than 4 metres.