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Anti-static PU covering from FKM Deutschland

Duisburg: Polyurethane is a natural electrical insulator. If a strip only comes into contact with PU coverings, this can lead to problems with electrostatic charge building up on the strip. In order to rectify this, FKM in Duisburg has developed an anti-static PU covering. The anti-static properties are achieved by incorporating electrically conductive carbon black.

Aluminium industry orders bridle rolls from FKM USA

Frankfort, Illinois: The bridle rolls in the aluminium industry often have particularly large diameters. For such dimensions, rotational moulding is an economical solution. There is only a limited number of providers of PU coverings which can process such large, heavy rolls using machinery. For this reason, FKM USA has recently been receiving more and more orders from the aluminium industry.

FKM USA has its own trucks

Frankfort, Illinois: For several years now, the car and steel industries in the USA have been shifting more and more towards the southern states. This has made it necessary for FKM to carry out more transportation over long distances. For this reason, in 2013, it became necessary for economic reasons for the company to operate its own truck. In addition to a smaller truck for local transportation, FKM now owns the foundation for its own logistics system, allowing deliveries to be sent to customers flexibly and economically. At FKM USA in Frankfort, IL, there is a control station which is equipped with software which works out the best possible routes.